Case Study: Expert Rubber Moulder using ENBIO’s COBLAST PRO-RELEASE

• Reduced mould release failure from 80% to 0%
• Reduced set-up costs by 70%
• Increased gross margin by 25%

Our customer, Martin’s Rubber Company, developed a specific white-coloured silicone rubber to match demanding customer specifications. Traditional mould release agents caused unacceptable scrap due to discolouration and water marking (see image below). ENBIO’s COBLAST PRO-RELEASE permanent mould release coating eliminated these problems and mould release failure scrap rates were reduced from >80% to 0%. The robust nature of ENBIO’s mould release allowed Martin’s Rubber to put the tool into immediate production without a requirement for process optimisation, reducing set-up costs by 70%. The customer found the part released easier, consistently, and without any discoloration or watermarking. Martin’s Rubber Company commented that “the coating is great! The moulded part flew out of the cavity, perfect release, very happy.”

Left: Part produced using the CoBlast Pro-Release method showing no damage and a clean color.
Right: Part produced using stereate mould release showing yellow discoloration.

• Long lasting, damage tolerant, robust coating with excellent release.
• Applicable on virtually all metal types (including steels, aluminium, invar).
• Consistent visual aspect of moulded part.
• Reduced expense, time and effort during tool use (no additional mould release agents use, no drying / curing time required).
• Improved environmental conditions in Production with no volatiles or aerosolized mould release sprays.
• Silicone-free product.

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