ENBIO’s CAST project, part of the ACTTiVAte program

ENBIO have been successful in applying for technology and business support through the ACTTiVAte project. ACTTiVAte is a pan-European cluster project with participants from Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. The aim is to encourage technology transfer between Aerospace, Agri-Food, Health and ICT sectors.

For their project, ENBIO have utilised there orthopaedic screws coating process for the deposition of Conductive, Anti-Stick Treatments (CAST) for fasteners and bolts in the Space and Aerospace sectors. The process deposits thin, lubricious coatings that enable consistent performance and multiple re-uses (> 50 times for stainless steel bolts).

Keep an eye on this page for more details as the project develops during 2018.


CoBlast Bolts and Fasteners